what’s LOVE!

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They say love is what we are given before we were born.Begin present in your mother’s womb, embracing her organs and warmth.She was taught to love her own as all a mother should but my question is What’s love i know what it means but what is it really.
Thinking back on your first kiss did he or she said they loved you? Did they show it, sing it, write it, spell it, hmm! Am confused now how can four letters give such a meaningful purpose even portray an unbelievable action. Should i question it, should i goggle it what shall I do with it am definitely not sure anymore.
Our ideal of love comes for those adorable fairy tales where there always is a happy ending. Have you ever seen a fairy tale with a bad ending? That would beat the purpose of what is real and what is make believe in reality.Interesting isn’t it! Well to me it is. 
L-O-V-E sweet like ice cream, always new flavors available to try or taste makes us greedy? Not really it just makes us more curious to know what they all taste like okay okay am going to stop its not right don’t try all the flavors. WE CAN’T ITS TO ADDICTING.

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