The Deepest Darkest Place…..

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I’ve got my space suit on.

Every dial is set.

Every watchful eye is on me,
As I travel to the deepest darkest place.

Beyond the terra-cotta, and past the expansive azure and cloud filled skies,
I find my new home.

It’s not about exploration.
It’s not about any voluptuous abyssal on Earth, or the fresh wide wonder of the upper cosmos– the unknowns of space and time.

No matter where I travel, above or below, I need to be freed of the memories captured by light.

The shadows following me around here have been revengeful.

They are on every street and sidewalk, lurking!
No matter if I’m standing or sitting so still, they confound me!

So I take great care as I pilot into the scarves of the darkish and grizzled frontier ahead,
remembering there is always an opening, an escape, for those willing to seek one…


It’s a door to a new shelter, and possibly, from the most astonishing storms.

As they will surely rock and scatter and make me cringe,
I’ll have a home to take refuge
within a shadowless cave,
and a view of the wonders to share in it.

Not in any danger;
Only grateful and inspired,

I trudge onward.

Released from the weight of the
gravity that held me and kept me to
its home,

I find my solace in the journey.

If I never find the deepest darkest place,
I have found a peace in the act of fleeing.

I happen upon a surrealistic tide along the belt of space, a bounteous expanse of twinkling lights,
still outshone by the dark.

This dreamscape, larger than my greatest nightmares, is already home.


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