Return For Me…..

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Walking backwards into the memories,
I found you, again.

And nothing was lost.

Dear, you were still so dashing and also annoying!!
(You remained stubborn.)

Ahh, me!

I lavished your form again and again and it corrected nothing.

I was still bad to your good,
You were still strong to my weak.

I was stayed as your girl,
ever crashing, helplessly,
and into all that your love washed over me…

I lived in it,
dwelled inside the hollow of it,
but never did any of my sacrifices return me to you.

You left…

And I am stayed here,
as YOUR girl, my darling.
I’m gasping in the isolated pocket of life after your death.

I’ll never reach wholeness again,
And am longing for you until I can see no more.

Walking backwards into the
I lost me, again.

And you were still gone.


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