My kind of drug

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I know I’m not beautiful,

I do know I’m not that pretty,

A cute girl will always astound me,

I don’t have that looks,

But when you look at me,

I just feel diffrent.


How your eyes scale my face from end to end,

How your hands feel between my shoulder and cheeks,

How soft just your fingertips are,

Makes me rethink of who I really am.


Your soft caress when you hold me,

The gentle grip when you hug me,

The ignition that starts when you touch me,

Makes all my senses come alive and I make you reach me.


I want you so badly close.. closer.. real closer.

I want our hands locking together,

I want that magic I feel when you’re near,

That’s how I know what I’m feeling is real.


I wanna be infront of you,

So I could see you full face,

Plant you some sweet kisses and warm embrace,

Put some trail of kisses and mark a trace

Of that tingling finger as it aces.


My head’s telling me to stop,

But my body revolves around you,

It’s dancing and singing for you,

Making all of what’s left in me want you.

You also got my heart

And I’m afraid my soul is into you too.


Help me.. Help me..

I’m addicted to you.

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