Never Never Land . . . . .

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I was in love with you and you took my soul to the playground.

It was night and the air was crisp, yet also gentle.

I floated from cylinder to prong and rested underneath the overhead bars in reach.

I wanted to and I did…play.

I danced around breathing in something so mysterious and also lending a familiar breeze.

I started to miss my body, and needing that home, I failed to notice that the playground was empty…lifeless.

There ’twas not another soul lurking.

Mine was the only presence there.

You were never to be, in that night, as it turned out.

Your invitation was accepted but my participation proved too clingy.

Stood up by my own life, I wanted nothing more from you or from the others returning upon my leave.

I missed my home.

Never never land was not a place I could be.

Run by a soulless groundskeeper playing watch as I fled back to my body,

I was left again untied and restless in sleep.

I was a 4 year old woman who stopped growing,
while folded in the layer of this dream.


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