Deaf to See

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I heard the sounds first,

they fell on paper and glass like snowflakes dissolving on ground.

Then I saw the notes and within the same sliver of a passing second I could no longer use my ears.

The music appeared as numbers and in colors that I did not recognize!

I counted down and in the sequence they revealed to me,

My eyes flashed with the color changes.

And like a prism refracting,

they spilled out just a fraction at a time.

I was lost in the wonder of it….

Never had I seen what I thought could only be heard.

Never had I received a simpler pleasure than what had befallen me the day I lost my ability to hear you.

The slick and the messy,

the ever present lie beneath the line you’d wrap me up in,

Which I was ever eager to receive!

It was vanquished!

May I never hear again: ever.

As I can see and feel the message through my other senses,

But without your song of distraction deafening out all that

the light had intended me to believe,

I am finally set free!

   By: RW

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