Holed Heart

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There’s that silence in my heart that I feel now,

It’s not peace. It’s not even a state of mind.

You know how that silence break glasses?

Its breaking everything, including promises.


I’m guessing this is phase one in moving on,

Listening to stupid old love songs,

Feeling every beat of every tune,

Singing and pouring your heart out

Like it was you who originally sang the song.


Phase two? I’m guessing its when you see your friends,

How’d you feel so bitter on their love stories,

Reacting how sad things are around

And you just forget about the good old times.


When you sing fucked up songs like “Please don’t leave me,”

It’s phase three, Making yourself bleed,

Lying to yourself about how bad things were

And how it’ll never be “you and I”


Fourth? Its all denial everything never happened,

But then again, Why are you there?

You’re stuck in the same old feeling,

Yet you don’t still know where you’re going.


Pain? They’re all the same.

They make you go insane.

It makes you think you’re not better,

You’re imperfect and it makes you a hater.

Truth is, accepting your flaws is the bravest we can do.

It makes you not want people who doesn’t love you.


No tears, No cry no drying one’s eye,

It’s more of that blank space,

Wishing your heart’s still chaste,

Praying you’ll just get lost in space.

But no, there’s earth below you.

There’s the sky above you.

And there’s that deep great pain inside you.

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