the pain after you

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When you’re all alone and lost in thoughts,

You’ll then only realize things are over.

There’s nothing wrong dealing with it,

But the thought of accepting the fact

That there will be days that wont happen anymore

And people you thought who’ll stay had moved on,

Is like a tomato in a mud which people are still stepping on.


The pain is in constant.

I think its the only thing that never goes off.

Even if one day you’re laughing it off,

By the time you go home,

Taking that pity shower,

Those days will haunt you.

Most of them will kill you.

But the morning after if you don’t have a tear stain on your pillow,

You know you won.


I think reality is a jerk.

It makes joy and happiness feels like a fairy tale.

That at 12:00, gladness fades.

Darkness then clouds after.


I wonder how such a person can get me to think less of myself.

It’s as if he took my confidence.

Replaced all my being with sadness.

Filling my days with loneliness

And getting me drunk with all those fading memories.


I really wanted him back. I do.

But when I do, I lose myself everytime.

And time doesn’t cost a dime.

It’s a priceless oppotunity we can never get back

After wasting it on such moments.


Maybe I just wanted to forgive him.

For giving me so much to remember

That it gets harder everyday to forget.

But even then, I know one day,

One day someone will come and love me everyday

And he’ll make me forget about you and every yesterday.

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