Around and Around

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Around and Around



I believed in lies,

I made myself dream in fantasies,

All my hopes were ‘what ifs’

And I dare tell myself everyday

That you love me, without knowing why..


I am brave, I am more than a conqueror,

I’ve been all because of your honor,

You seemed to be the perfect land to fall

And there I was now, hangin’ on the wall

Because your love was the ocean

And no one can ever swim at all..


Do you know how it is when you try to stop breathing?

That’s how I’ve felt the entire time trying not to love you,

Not because you were already taken,

But because I know that even if you were not taken,

You wouldn’t even dare to love me at all.


Strange as this may be but I will never want you to love me,

From afar, I now can see,

What went wrong when you try to sting yourself to a bee.

Sometimes they can just buzz out and survive

But if you hurt ’em, they sting you and they die.

It was the hardest for them to do,

But they have to sting you,

So you will never do again what you just did,

Saving you from a lifetime mistake you could ever commit.


All lies I believed in,

All days I had fallen in,

All nights and morning that you were my thoughts,

They will all be memories now that can be bought,

By morning when the sun comes up,

I will wake up with all you clouding my mind up,

The words you’ve said upon saying goodbye,

The largest hearfelt memory of how one dies,

In a love circuit that you fondly invented,

Comes another victim waiting for just another love and life to end.

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