With Pleasure

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Lemme love you like this,

Let me cherish whatever this is,

All of the stolen hugs and kisses,

All of those falling wishes,

As my heart bleed with scars and stitches..


I don’t know if what’s more painful,

She loves you, I love you

You love her..

Or I love you knowing I can never have you.


I let myself cry to sleep,

Not so I can sleep through pain,

But so I know this is real

That in the morning I wake up,

I can bang myself against the wall

Hoping one day I shred as I fall.


Every bits and pieces of my broken heart will love you,

Every scar and pain I’ve been through before,

All of the heartache that left me restless,

Will now consume me to end this madness.


I have to feel all this,

For how will I ever learn to let go?

For when will I ever fall again?

And rise up until all has broken down.


You made me stronger by breaking me everyday,

It’s like everything you have to say,

Has some kind of meteor-like effect day by day

That even in EBAY,

Even if this heart of mine will be on SALE,

No one in the right mind will ever buy to pay.


Thank you for allowing me to love you,

I just wanna do it until somebody else will do,

So when I get to know someone better,

He will love me like there’s gonna be no one ever

I might not love him the way I did,

But I’m praying for everything to be just splendid.

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