When he’s near

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He has the brightest eyes in the crowd of people,

He’s got the toughest look of them all,

He had that one steady look at a person,

Invading your privacy as if he’s about to read a diary.


There’s so much joy in his eyes,

There’s a big warmth in his “hi”,

There’s too much to be said in silence,

Wishing there’s another way to end such foolishness.


Those gorgeous stand that you do,

That pitiful laugh you do,

That staring game you play,

Wishing every single time,

“Please stay……”


The way he treats you to a movie,

He’s the most caring and he looks more and more charming,

The hickey way you chuckle,

The jump you do when you get a bit scared,

And that gaze stealing you do every now and then..


I’m on a perpetual bliss when you held my waist,

I was so high when I remember you holding my hand,

I felt like a princess when you just held that door,

And I get a feeling of every bit more

When you make me feel that I’m the one you adore.


I must be crazy wondering what could be,

I must say this is surreal,

I must be dreaming of all these,


Wake me up from this madness..

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