because of you

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They said no one’s perfect.

It includes the people you love no matter how perfect you see them.

Sometimes I have to ask myself,

“Was I ever loved?”


When I was young, All I can remember

Was the day you left and I was sober,

I cried all day and everyday after,

I’ve always waited for you outside the house,

Wondering what I did wrong for you to leave me like that.

And I still cry everytime I’m reminded,

Because right now, I know I am still wounded.


Then life turned about and you showed up years after.

I love you, and it was an obligation to do.

There were times that I was happy

And times I was too scared to say sorry.

Then I thought, I never left you,

You were the one who left me.

And not once you ever did say sorry.

You left because you searched for love

Because you will never get contented with what I have.


I could’ve loved you all my life,

And if only you were CONTENTED with me,

Maybe, just maybe our life could’ve been simplier. smaller.

But you make decision disaster after disaster.

And you’d rather stay with the monster

Who tried to gobble me in torture.

That day you chose him,

I already died,

But my heart was still beating for you.


I love you Mama.

But you’re making it hard for me to feel that you love me.

You always leave and I thought it was okay.

And so I tried loving someone else,

Making them happy as they can be hoping they wont leave me,

But just like you always do,

They always leave a hole in my heart too.

And me dying, is a constant truth.

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