Vagabond’s Wanderlust

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Wispy grey trails,
see them burning
in this house.
Quietly yearning,
release so sudden.
The road is my home;
thumb outstretched,
and away I roam.
Feel the crackle,
under my toes.
This worry I feel,
it comes and it goes.
Stand under shelter,
trees overhead,
quietly chanting,
dispelling the dread.
Slipping through shadows,
I find a new trail,
silently following,
without fail.
Laying in sand dunes,
still running amok,
bathing in oceans,
walking in the muck.
I keep my head high now,
and don't question my luck.
Wherever the river takes me,
I hope it's not done.
Dancing under moonlight,
walking under sun,
as the road wanders weary,
and I drop my torch,
friends and family,
dare not approach.
For I've slept deep in earth,
and I've soared through the sky,
but a million other fancies,
may soon catch my eye.

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