The Stars Don’t Care About Us Anymore

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Dance red in the lights and piss through the night,

don’t spare a thought of tomorrow.

Just for because, we don’t fight the buzz

and hold on tight to our sorrow.

We’re never alone, the road is our home,

it gets us to where we are going.

To hell and back, to the palace of lack,

to the ends of the terrible sea.

We don’t come prepared, but we’re loving and scared

and you mean more than the world to me.


When we come down, you say with a frown,

“What can you do for me?”

“Everything that i might, cuz quick comes the night,

and we’ve got places to be.”


So we toddle and walk, through endless corn stalks,

and come on a dirty old man.

“Ten bucks for the girl,” he said as his lips curled,

and i took his whole life as a fee.

This was his land, all barren and grand,

and not worked for some twenty odd years.

We slogged through the mud, all laced through with blood,

and it buried us up to our knees.

I lost my shoes and my lady in blue

lost all but the dress she was wearing.


In the dead of the night, i got boots for a fight.

Their owner was whim to my pleasure.

I was not what he thought, we panted and fought

and i opened his throat for good measure.


It made a beautiful scene in red and in green.

I looked long and hard, and stood silent guard.

I would remember this joy to my lady.

“I wish you were here,” I thought to my dear,

but she was procuring our vices.

It was when she returned, shot with heather and blood,

that i relearned in the filth and the mud

that we would be always together.


So we walk far and wide, under a starlit sky

that has nothing to do with us now whatsoever.

The night is our friend, those small lights cannot rend

the greatest existence the worlds ever tended.

We walk through the night, and we are the blight,

a curse on your miserable world.

The dark calls to me, and i call to she,

and together well make history.

The stories all told, our lives will unfold

writ hard on the hearts of humanity.


With terror and dread, we leave all our dead

with their faces turned up to the sky,

to see all the stars, and venus and mars,

and everything else that has failed them.


So fuck all your lands, these two pairs of hands

will unmake reality.

And all that will be, is We. Me and She,

and a void that we’ll share in together.


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