My God Almighty

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My God Almighty, high up above,
Please hear my prayer
For peace, protection, and love.

Although in this life
I’ve recurrently sinned,
You know where I’m going
Where I am, where I’ve been.

For I pray to you, Lord, not only in sorrow
Nor only when I am in pain,
But even in times of peace and joy
My prayers are never in vain.

I know that you love me, I am your child,
You have never turned me away,
Not even when I have stumbled
Or have clearly lost my way.

I ask you, Lord, to see me through
This world so very cold,
I ask that you protect not only the saints,
But the weak, poor, young, and the old.

Protect the defenseless babies
Left crying in the night,
Abandoned, hungry, and cold,
Screaming out with all their might.

Renew the faultless children
Left crying deep inside,
From internal wounds that never heal
No matter how hard they try.

Give peace and love
To these children, Lord,
For they never had a chance,
Against the piercing evil in this world
Give them reasons to sing, and dance.

Please, Lord, shield the old
For they have served their time,
And now they are weak, and very tired,
Some have not even a dime.

Spare the poor from disease,
From hunger, and devastation,
Save the ones left to perish,
Those spurned by wealthy nations.

Protect the men, women and children
Left wandering in the street,
Facing not only the danger of illness
But of harms against them
And having nothing to eat.

Bless them with your warmth, my Lord,
When they face the coldest days,
Please guide your loving angels to keep them
Safe and warm wherever they stay.

Exalt the defenseless creatures
Slaughtered for profit and gain,
Hear their cries to you, my Lord,
As they’re covetously, and unmercifully slain.

Though they are of other nations
They share this web of life,
And are surely deserving of your love
And eternal light.

I ask these things of you, my Lord,
For only you and I surely know
Of the things that are so troubling
This pained and tired soul.

You are my silent witness
To foul my eyes have seen,
You’ve walked with me
On this long, winding road
And everywhere in between.

Thank you, Lord, for hearing my prayers
As I know you always will,
I know that you will love me always,
I am forever your child, Camille.

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