The Culprit

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People will say you’re stubborn.

That you will always do what you want.

You wont care what people think

And you never take life seriously..


Well, people misunderstood.

Ofcourse we will always do what we want.

It makes us happy!

And who cares if we do?

It’s our life anyway.


Now they’d say we don’t have feelings.

Ofcourse we do.

We just don’t mind their opinion.

Yes, they are entitled to an opinion

But its our say if we will make it our option.


And nevertheless,

Who takes life seriously?

Yes we do!

It’s just that, it is important that we live it too.

Life has a lot pf great options

And to live fully is one of them


Sometimes people take your happiness away

Not because they want it too

Or they don’t want you to be happy

But because you let them take it.


Joy and peace is in our control

We just hate to admit it ourselves that this kind of life

Isn’t what we exactly want

But its the precision and decisions in a lifetime

That we make and we have to levitate.


Accepting that this is as full as we’re going to get

Is not exactly a life,

People may call it contentment

But we know its called being coward to really want what you really want.

Just as Selena said

The heart want what it wants.

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