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Long live the CHEF who teaches of the twelve colours..!

Over his favourite green juice and pink cauliflowers..!

A CHEF who’s rarely amused yet laughs for hours.!.

Who said; “You won’t always be right, like January’s WHITE.!.”

So like February be BLACK & stay true to the facts.!.

Like his teachings are right but he swears he won’t write.!.

And March never marches, just¬† follows the next fellow.!. Who loves that he’s YELLOW but is scared as he bellows.!.

Now that April’s estranged, to its deep-love for ORANGE.!.

And May becomes BURGANDY, to suupport their uncertainty..!

Of June-BROWN’s John-Brown, claim’N; “We all came from the ground..! Where we all fear to fall, yet so many are bound.!.”

Until July as some say; “J’ui suis desole.!.” As the scene seems less GREEN, from day to day.!.¬†Like holiday beaches covered by bodies under the sun..!

YET August remains GREY, for better or worst til his day.!.

Making September as RED, as the coals that baketh the bread.!.

And October truly BLUE to every word that is said.!.

Hence why November refocuses the mind, like the vine link’D to PINK..!

Leaving December a glittering GOLD, from the heart that touches the soul.!.

As CHEF too would agree, to a slice for you & a slice for me.!. Since only half the truth’s ever told in every sold story told.!.


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