Something Stupid

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I know you can never be mine.

I can only steal. Steal a kiss

Steal a hug and steal your time.

Being with you is a gamble

There’s no way I won’t fall and stumble.


Everytime I look at you,

My heart stops and whispers,

‘I wish I had you years ago,

I wish I trusted myself more,

Only then the past three years were diffrent.’

I see you in a way my eyes only knows how to.

I think of you the way my mind can do.


That pause I make before I kiss you,

It’s a prayer for it to happen legally.

That tight hug I give you,

It’s a pain in my heart to say goodbye

From the arms that I only want to hold me.


They said, the exemption is a choice.

I must say, you’re worth every excuse I can come up with.

You make me beautiful without over powering it.

You make me need you enough to get satisfied.

And you completely know the power that you have over me.

Like a boss and in a snap I’m your slave.


I’d love to do that slowing down in the waters again,

Dipped hard and regain,

The serenity sound of the water,

As the stones under clinging and right through the splasher

Even if its damn cold than December.


And when the sun went down,

Inside the chaimber we lay down,

Slipping into an imaginary night gown.

Kissing me all the way down.

I’m all yours to give and take.

Risking it all no matter what was at stake.


When you were soothing me and I was blowing you,

There was these words I wanna say to you.

I wish I was too drunk so I can tell you.

But it would ruin the moment.

Because this is all and more I can get

I should just be content.

Then all these fantasies and dreams wont end in torment.


Let’s not spoil these all


by saying.

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