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I knew he was only temporary but i didnt know that things would be this scary. I dint know that “ily” escaped through life so easily maybe because love has been a temporary feeling. Its like i am the joke what do you take me for am i just the girl you call when your board. I guess so because you knew that i could be your temporary entertainment. Was i just your temporary lips or was i someone that you wanted to chill with. I guess i was someone you wanted some alone time with because my short skirts and thick thighs drives you wild and you thought you was gonna get a sneak peak. you kept saying dont know how bad you wanted to fuck me. Now i see all you wanted was a temporary moment with me. maybe what everyone was saying was true: or maybe my time with you was been over due…if i wasn’t so careful i was gonna be a quick jump off to you. I just hope that your next girl is temporary just as much as i was to you.

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