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Opened my mind and sewed my heart shut

Looked through my flesh you see every cut

Lay awake at night; just the darkness & I

Wondering why do I even try 

Try to escape

Escape, the memory of you touching me 

Opened my heart and closed my mind

Wondering what I would find

Seeing all the tears that I bleed

Asking myself where is the love that I need

For years I tried to pretend 

Pretend it never happened

For years I tried to forget 

I asked for grace 

To forget your face 

Forget the sin

That you drowned me in

The rain was a mirror 

of the pain

No matter how many times I cried 

The pain would never subside

Wondering If I would ever escape 

So I thread the memories inside my brain

Secluding the oxygen 

To erase the darkness

Closing my eyes 

It felt like all lies 

Then suddenly I felt nothing

Till the morning time

Until you cut the line

From my mind to my heart & I realized

It would never be light; as long you were apart of me



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