Stubborn Heart

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Stubborn Heart



I can’t wait for the day when you ask,

Of this journey we both have to pass,

I hope there won’t be airplanes crashing,

I just wish one day it wont be so hard trusting.


Oceans and waves may calm me at the moment,

Truth is, I’m praying for a commitment,

You know how one day this will come to past

It’ll be painful and I hope its the last.


I can’t waste my time tuning into what ifs

Can’t wait for the episode of its plots and twists.

Not to hurdle things up and get it over with

But I wanna stop dreaming that this could be it.


I can’t blame myself for allowing you to do all of those,

Even if some were over dosed,

I just can’t let myself not to experience how it feels,

To be taken care of with fulfilling bliss.


Can you blame me if you’re causing me joy?

Can you blame me for kissing you more?

Can you blame me for asking more days?

Can you blame me for acting like this?

How can I ever hate someone who wants to love me?

How can I say no when you’re already loving me?


I don’t want to wait for the day if all of this is over,

If that day comes, someone please do murder,

For I might never recover

To say goodbye that we’ve been an almost lover.

To never see you in the twilight of the night

And to have no one to talk to on the rooftop

Could there be another way other than this?

Something easier other than death?


When all comes to fail,

I wish to recover and love will prevail,

Not the love I will always have for you

But the kind of love that no matter what,

I’ll stay in love with you.

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