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Still you are… inside my head.

Still I dream of you… in my bed.


I quietly fall asleep in the still night

I wonder, should I fight with all my might?

I feel a lift, a swift, a dream? not quite.


As I am about to get up, I see a powerful light and your face appears.

While I stretch my arm to feel it, it dissapears.

A flash back re-appears 

Of my memories, of my peers, of my young years.

Of my enemies, of my shedded tears that came from my fear.


I feel your presence close to me.

As I am still, I say to my self… Is this real?

Is this a dream, scheme, or is this actually reality?


I stand still to feel a powerful feeling

I fall to my knees, as if I was dreaming.


While I am kneeling I hear a strong voice.

Should I cry or rejoice?

I keep quite, trying not to fight it, I make no noise

But yet again I hear the voice

Getting bolder and closer.

While i look back to my shoulder.


“Get up son” He tells me.

But I can’t see, the light is like a thousand suns.

The presence helds me

It comforts me, heals me, loves me, 

Wanting to be here for eternity 

Wishing I wouldn’t return to reality.

“Stay still, I am your God, just believe in me”



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