Looking Fear in the Eyes

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In simple standing, this force not lasting,
Buried deep beneath the Light.
Tune into this scarred intelligence.
Trying times for all to lead.

Into the Darkness!

Sadness is rising and we're still fantasizing,
About the past to which we cling.
Can't be allowed to reach,so is it time to bleach
All purity and sin?

It's all lumped together…

Two sides of one coin,
Flipping through the air.
Fall where it may, we'll seize today,
Standing arm in arm together.

One long line,
We'll return to what we've burnt.

Goodbye my brothers and sisters. I've enjoyed our time.
Let's walk this line, because we must pay back what was given.
This holy gift.

Two sides of one coin, still spinning in time.
Heads or Tails, Pass or Fail?
Stay asleep or do we wake now?
Before its too late.

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