No One Is a Stranger

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No One Is a Stranger


By Grace McDonald


There is an expression that describes some people as “never having met a stranger”. Do you know someone like that? Does that describe you? Quite simply, it describes a person who has a consistent, unguarded, open and love based interaction with whomever they meet. They see each individual as a fellow human being without preconceived notions, prejudices, judgments or cataloging. They see a heart that has loved and been loved. Or perhaps not yet, but one nonetheless worthy of love. For we are all worthy of love. Unconditional love. We were born into a family but are blessed to meet new people who also become family if even for a few minutes. No encounter with another is random. Each encounter is an opportunity to see and honor the Divine in each of us.


We all came into this world exactly the same way. We will all leave this world the exact same way – when our heart stops beating. Every human being has a heart. Physiologically it has a biological function to circulate blood and oxygen. Spiritually it has a function to love unconditionally. But we are taught by family, culture, society, religion, politics, etc. to put conditions on that love so that it is not given freely to every other beating heart as it is intended. Every human being seeks connection, acceptance and love. Someone that sees them and is open to all of them. Someone who does not discount them but instead recognizes their humanity. We are no different from another. We all breathe, bleed, eat, sleep. And we all need to love every one. When you do, no one is a stranger.


            One heart. Open it. Two hands. Use them.




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