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And once again, it started

His number pops up in my screen,

My stomach turns, my knees get weak

His voice gets my attention

His lips, his body, his eyes

They all get me again and again I fall for it

His words always sound so good, he knows

What to say for me to later on regret it all

The memories we had come alive and I’m

Thinking, how do we get back to this all the time?

Although there’s someone in my life somewhat I

Can’t get over this it’s so sick, but damn, it

Feels so good. As I see myself fall for it,

Giving in once again, I think on the back of my mind,

“This isn’t right, back away, he’s going to hurt you.”

I can’t get away, it’s so hard I pray to god to help me,

He knows I try so hard, he’s like nicotine he’s bad but

Feels so good, no other man can do what he does to me

Whether it’s good or bad I love it and I know he’s going to

Leave but I try not to think about it, I want him here I want us here

In this moment and just never leave, I want to live like this forever

He’s a drug, the pain feels so good somehow; but then again

Reality hits he’s no good his kisses are like poison why do I want this?

His touch is simply amazing no way to describe what he does

To me and when he looks at me, oh my god just don’t stop

Let me look in them eyes forever, I don’t need nobody

Else I stare at his body over me but then I do, yes I do,

Of course I do, remember he’s nicotine you can get

Over it and rehabilitate from this, this lust won’t do

Me good although; you do me good when it happens. I say


I’m going to leave, I will, but I cant.

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