Too Naive (about love)

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Your so close yet so far away i dont know what to do,

Becuase im in love with you

(should i leave i know i wouldn’t should i stay i know i shouldn’t) 

Why cant i you see i guess i’m just too naive.


I cant believe i took this much time to see

that were not meant to be i’m just too naive

to see that your too far away from me,

but i guess thats life you see?


Im dying to say these words

i know i shouldn’t have spoken (I love you)


I wish there was an off switch in this love

so i could walk away and be above,

because  of all my madness isn’t there a way out of this


Not trying to be rude,

im just trying to be reasonable

cuase what i feel for you is so unbelievable

but i guess i’m too naive why cant i see


It’s Darkened around me there is no way out 

(i cant find me)

I diddnt know this love, comes with a price

Beuaty it’s self cant advise.


But i guess that’s what i get

for being the second choice, to the one i love

but i can’t fight this fight the light is going out

( there’s nothing left)

(i cant find me)

why can’t i see anything

when will you see what you to do me

(im sorry)


Is this Love worth it

( why does it make me feel worhtless)

I guess that’s the price i pay

for liking a person who’s already taken away


I’m selfish to say that i wish there was a way,

But aren’t my feelings meant to be heared,

just not for your ears 

(you aren’t meant to here them its just an empty fight within them)


Im saying it loud

(but you can’t hear it)

I’m screaming for attention

(but you dont want it)

Its like and up hill battle

(but you can’t see cuase i dont want you

to think its becuase of you, that i feel so empty without you)

why cant i get it right

( when i knew it was wrong all along)


But i guess i’m too naive why cant i fucking see



                                                    ~kristin M.



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