My One Call Away

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There are certain rules in life that we need to follow.

Certain order that needs wisdom to gain,

Maybe a little bit of confusion to accept

And a pinch of heart so you can give in.


Looking at someone you wish to be beside you when you’re old

Is like a child longing for an ice cream on a summer day,

A kid waiting on his dad to play ball,

Perhaps a little girl wanting to play more.


I felt it all the day you looked at me diffrently.

It was that faithful day you’ve been so touchy and feely.

I closed my eyes and waited for someone to wake me.

But all was real, too real it could slap me.


Perhaps the greatest moment I was with you was when,

I was searching for you

But you first found me and came to me

Right then I knew.

I’m really gonna fall this hard for you.


I have this crazy beating in my heart everytime I feel you beside me.

It’s really goosebumping when our hands touch.

It’s this hazy breezy rush

And its like all day there’s amazing lush.

Maybe I really have a huge crush

Or you’re that very one of a kind, crazy such.


I knew you more when we spent time at the beach,

Surprisingly you were more than what I imagined you’ll be.

You’re one finely best in bed.

You make me want you more than that sweet bread

And gosh why do you have to be so needed?

I kind of want you right now please be in my bed!


Though its not about how you are in that,

It’s actually who I am when you’re there,

How you can magically transform the monster inside me,

The control you have over my heirarchy,

That thing you do with my hair,


Assuring me that you’ll always be there.

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