My Heart, Who are you?

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How do birds know they’re meant to have eggs?

Or frogs to lay on each others back?

We often wish to find love that easy

What we don’t understand that the world is tacky

And its full of poeple that are tricky.


Just like waves, people in our lives come and go,

One day they’re here the next day gone,

Or in a week he’s into you

The next thing you know he’s already thrown you.


Maybe we’re just outdated with dating 101

Or the 411 on the evolution of men..

But how dumb will we ever be?

That breaking your heart twice is not yet enough

To validate that he just couldn’t be?

Is there any cure for us to finally see?


So many people bargains,

So many invests,

A lot trusts so much,

Giving away all they have

Taking so many risks,

Jeopardizing hazzards,

Making mistake after mistake.


At the end of the day,

We ask ourselves, Is it worth it?

Will it make us more alive?

Will it stop my bleeding heart to dry?

Can it take away all the sadness?

Will it erase all the painful memories?

And will it puzzle my heart back to pieces?


Love is not making us blind,

Love is not even blind,

It sees but it doesn’t mind.

That’s the epidemic that George Clooney created

That maybe Brad Pitt and Ben Affleck will never get defeated,

On their game on this world that they fondly call love.

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