I think I’m yours

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We got a love that is hopeless,

A kind that makes us both restless,

Thinking of the people we might hurt if we do this,

I just don’t have no choice but to shed tears..


I’m happy when I’m with you,

Are you too? Or I just assume that you do?

What do I have to do to stop this madness?

Because if we keep doing this, it’ll end in sadness.


Since that night, I cannot stop wishing,

I wish its me, it’s still me that you want,

And me that you wanna have.

But I can’t do that. I know I can’t.


I haven’t been with anyone because I’m scared,

Scared it wouldn’t be worth the pain,

I feared to cry every night of being jealous,

But right now that you’re not mine,

And I really want to belong to you,

I’m hurting more than ever.

Even more if I could’ve been just braver.


So far, I can’t love someone like this,

I’m too honest with myself when I’m with you,

And I’d love to hate it when you make me happy

Because the more that I do,

I regret more that night, not texting you.


I wish I could just shout your name and tell you I love you,

I wish you can hear it without me kidding aside,

I wish its me you’re dreaming about,

I wish its me you think in the night,

I wish I’m enough.

I wish you can hear the sincerity I put on,

I wish you can see the regret behind my laughter,

I wish you can feel the pain in my heart,

The kind of pain that I wish you’re mine


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