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A Personal Battle

You were sent to fight a war

 That has yet to be won

 You are forced to leave your newborn son

 You go to a place and face death everyday

 There is nothing to say

 You fight each day and see your friends die

 And all you can do is cry

 You feel helpless and angry things haven’t changed

 Looking for things to be explained

 Horror ingrained in your mind

 Flying home and back to the grind

 Nightmares cause you to scream at night

 You still remember that fight

 Watching your friends die

 Everything has gone awry

 Hoping you can find peace

 Finding ways to find that release

 Letting go of anger deep inside

 Climbing up that mountainside

 Your personal battle has been won

 For you and your son

 You look to the sky and tell God to take care of your friends

 Then you say “Hey guys!! Till we meet again 





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