mine danse macabre doppelganger

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housed within mine impenetrable hermetically sealed invisible bubble

   draped with blackened Hades hued habiliment therein dwelt

sinister saboteur mastermind marauder of the Hubble

   who demanded sacrifice to traverse river styx with unadulterated gelt         

which known phantasmagorical double

   whose piercing fiery ocular presence unseen but felt  

thine true self amidst the aftermath from Armageddon rubble

   astride charred global ruins entire civilization did melt

entire planet prognosticated by Maya sages with 11th hour stubble

   birthed this Darth Vader nemesis with evil upon earth he did pelt

annihilating mankind, the derelict species that fueled trouble

   hence evil twin appointed apocalyptic malevolence spelt

   with mass crematorium desecration left horrific blistering welt!


countdown to homo sapiens extinction predicted millenniums in past

   to haved occured December 21 two thousand and twelve after common era

whereby catastrophic spark detonating inferno incinerating blast

   eradicating extant flora and fauna bereft sans hegira

with no means to interrupt the die since the dawn of civilization cast.


impossible to escape ominous predetermined fate of human rat race

nor turn back hands of time with origin of species on clock face

thus ticking closer to hour of doomsday without faith to brace

allowing, enabling and providing Gaia to redeem terrestrial space

vestiges of teeming billions soon erased criminal minds without a trace

forcefully relinquishing  simians planetary stranglehold amazing grace

proffering tabula rasa for another dominant species to claim the place.


sirens promulgate emergency toward impending inescapable cataclysm

   yet no place to run or hide lest one boards a rocket light-years away

which makes suspense thrillers birthed by John Grisham

   enviable plot to keep total Earths’ destruction at bay.







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