2/3/17 Him

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I’ve been waiting to regain his attention. I got what I wanted mentally. We talked about meaningless things and laughed about nothing. I was very observant of him today. His eyes are so beautiful but not the type of beautiful you write poetry about, more like the ones you’d paint and let the poetry be created within the colors. Their green with speckles of blue that make you think of the comfort of your bed, his eyelashes could remind you of the nicest cool breeze on an unbearably hot summer day. His hair is getting longer, long enough to reach the tips of his lashes but he flips it in a way that they never meet. His teeth are perfect, like sickly perfect. Their even and white, he loves so smile with them. He smiles when he looks at me or when I get closer to him. His hands are rough, he fixes bikes but has mechanic hands, I love those. His knuckles look as if hes been beating a punching bag for weeks. He hugged me, he had his hands at my waist, when he let go I could still feel them there. I choked up when he told me he’d see me tomorrow. I didn’t want him to go. 

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