Is It How Its Suppose To Be?

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Someone told me,

It’s not about how long you’ve been together

for it to be called FOREVER,

But it’s how great you felt when you were together

How you both shared your little infinity together,

And it really doesn’t matter

If its not gonna last forever.


How real was it really?

How much part of it is honest truthfully?

Is it considered greed to ask for happiness?

Or should we pray for a chance?


I know nothing about how things work in reality,

I’ve lived by my own fantasy,

I crawled for every battle on fairy tales,

To the extent of how much pain scales

On just how ample amount I’m able to share.


I maybe wrong or I might be so right I just don’t want to admit it

That I’m not capable of loving someone,

Because I’m frightened of giving my all,

That in the process of loving him,

I might have forgotten myself.

That if he’ll be gone,

I’m gonna crawl my way back to where I started.


Maybe its really me,

I can’t handle relationships because it asks too much

Of me to give to him

And I will never be ready because the last time I did

I always wake up in the middle of the night

And had kept wondering why.


Why could he possibly be so cruel to cheat?

Why would he even leave?

Why doesn’t he knew I loved him so much?

Why did he let me fall on my own?

Didn’t he knew, after all the pain I was a stone?

How can love have gone this wrong?

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