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Looking at that mirror, watching at the clock,  my hearts racing beating through my chest, biting my nails, sweating ridiculously, where can he be at quarter to three, what is he doing, what could be more important than me. 


Every sound, every movement I hear my heart – pause by the beat am thinking can it be, can it be that you are coming back to me!! It’s killing me inside am hating each part of my reflection in this mirror and there it is, that moment I look back at all the good times we had. 


How could this be, why me am talking back to myself in this mirror with the tears trickling down my checks over my lips here comes the knot in my guts it’s like all the butterflies have died then you walked through the door. 


Silence! Was that moment when you approached me, you touched my checks with your cold hands wiped away the tears staring me in the eyes am so numb right now,  could it be, he’s here for me am lost of words I am hoping you can see.


Then you said  Fear not my love for me I love you like a queen.  A queen you are to me never look in that mirror and ever question my loyalty. 

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