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Their words hurt me,

They cut me up inside,

Making me feel worthless.

I know I shouldn’t care what they say or think,

But I do.

I feel like I’m not pretty,

Like I’m fat and unwanted.

This sudden feeling,

Creeps up behind me, but once it’s there, it never leaves.

I feel invisible compared to my friends,

I feel like I’m not really there.

No one has ever noticed me,

But why should they?

I’m nothing special;

This jealousy feeling has become frequent,

I feel like I should be noticed,

I wonder what is so great about them,

And then it hits me.

That realization;

I realize everything is great about them,

And nothing is great about me.

Their words sink deeper and deeper into my body,

Slowly eating away at my heart.

They are beginning to control me,

But I have to stop them.

Their words shouldn’t matter,

But when I stand next to them,

I’m not there,

I’m invisible.

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