Inner Demons and Voices

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I sit down here in my own dark corner
knees to my chest, hands over my head.
the screams i scream are silent
I feel so unheard, so alone in this silent but deadly despair.
Theres no-one around
no one can find me
no one can reach me.
I am a prisoner to these darken walls
A prisoner to the darken confides of the corner.
If i stand, If i try to leave
The hands of evil only reach out and force me back.
I can fight, I can kick, and I can scream
but their to strong to let me go and I can never break free.
The voices in my head tell me not to fight against what is real.
Theres nothing I can do
I am too weak to walk from the pain caused by you.
No matter where I go,
I will always be your prisoner.
The voices in my head tell me to stop, just stop.
Give it up 
I am only going to hurt myself more then what I already have.
The salt in my wounds will only make the pain worse each time I fight back.
So Here I sit
Shrouded in your darkness 
like a lost hopeless, helpless child.
Keeping my head lowered
afraid to face the evil awaiting for me.
But each time I lift my head,
there it is staring at me through the reflections of the mirror.
The darken blood shot eyes a reminder of the pain, the hurt, the anger, and the hatred 
I allow to boil from deep within.
I know i can end it with just a bullet or a knife
But I also know there is no end to the evil the resides
In the darkness of our lives
For evil triumphs over all things good and bad.
I know to keep myself where I am
Because there is no escaping the reality I live.
There is no easy way out
Even through death itself
Evil will still follow 
And Haunt me for sure.
In the after life
Will I be a stronger and better person to fight and win against the evil?
I wonder this from time to time.
But If I can’t be strong enough now to face my own demons
How can I be strong enough to do so in the after life?
The voices in my head 
I battle with daily.
They never stop
They are not of my own.
I know I should never listen to them
But they are loud and terrifying.
My poor heart can’t take them.
I wish for a moment of peace, 
A moment of rest
But these voices in my head
Will allow no such thing.
I am stuck here as their prisoner
There is no help
No one can reach me
No one can see me
No one can find me.
I close my eyes in hopes to find that peaceful, relaxing place
But instead I am reminded of how you threw me away like a piece of unwelcome trash.
people may never know my pain,
they may never understand my anger
So I get it why they tell me to just let it go
let it be
let it rest.
Sometimes though I wish, maybe just maybe
If they could walk in my place
Hear the screams of these demons
become a prisoner to their darkness
and never know the reflections of the mirror
then they would understand how I truly feel.
But the voices in my head only laugh
They tell me that its all a laughing joke.
They say i am alone in this
Nobody will ever care
They say people will only pretend and make up lies
They will look away
Because i am a disgrace to them all.
These voices fill my head
With their lies and deceit
They tell me things I dont want to hear but there is nothing I can do.
I want to run, I want to hide, I want to make them stop
End their laughter But no matter what they always tell me

“you can run, you can hide, but we will always find you and bring you right back. You belong to us no. You can not fight what is real. You will not win this everlasting war. We own you, body and soul. You need to give up, just give in, let it be done. Let us consume what is left of you.The pain will never end, The only friend you have is us, We are all you got left. There is nothing you can do, you are weak, we are strong. We will be the ones taking care of you. All you need is us.”

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