how to be unafraid?

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I’m scared. I’m scared to look at a person with complete awe,

I’m afraid I might see the future I want with him,

I’m petrified to see myself wanting him much more than anything else

And I’m terrified I might love the person who’s not meant for me.


They said different people who come in our lives,

Gives us lesson, experience and a memory,

Great ones that can never be taken by just anyone else

And when they leave, there’s that big, wide foot hole beside your feet,

Wishing he’s still there near you.


Often, we have the chance to get them back,

Some chooses not to, some grabs it and desperate to hear them

say that they still do.

Some waits for something to push them to do so,

But I admire those who wait and never ask for anything back.


I don’t understand love really,

It makes the person so happy

Leaving her to tear up and smile

But most of the people I know,

They end up heart-bruised,

And up until now, they wanna know

If they were ever really loved?


How can I be brave enough to love?

When I woke up with everyone crying,

Reaching out to someone they were never sure

If what they felt was ever real.

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