Whats going on

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Sometimes you wonder why your thought get the best of you. You wonder how to cut them off. You think to yourself thinking what should you do. Do you listen or keep trying to figure out do I find away around it or keep listening. Why am I thinking like this what should I do yelling please stop they quiet  for a  but all minute of it keep rushing back. Im stuck Im lost trying to think what to do yelling Noooooo becuase its telling me to do something I dont want to do how can I stop this. My thoughts are getting the best of me. Im praying asking god to cut it off but its still going on. Im quiet  but I hear tears because I cant do what its telling me to do Nooooo. Im talking but the person not responding talk to me I yelled still didnt get no respond. Im ball up trying to stop this my heart is beating really fast whats going on I yelled I look up and all I see is me laying and the bed because all along my dreams had the best of me….

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