House of the Ephemeral

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I watch you
rise on stilts to hang
a curtain on this calcified frame,
clearing a space to share.

I feel you;
Your walls painted with the waving prairie
that you keep covered in public,
leaving only autumn leaves showing,
slowly rustling as my breath passes by.

I taste you and
savor the flavor of your offered essence:
Carnegie Steel
mingled with the fjords…

I smell
the burning forest on your breath,
as layers of pine and underbrush meet
in a glorious shining dance,
sending fireflies to assault me.

I hear your calling,
as need and want crescendo into a cacophony,
drowning out the doldrums that gather
like clouds over a clear ocean,
shattering the still.

I want to answer, to scream…
"Thank you! I am home!"

But not for long.

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