Walls of Flesh

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~ Walls of Flesh ~


Life isn’t just what is seen in a pretty picture,

But the secrets buried from within the walls of our flesh, and hidden deep inside,

 Intellectually we stand tall, body held strong by the back bone of our pride,

 While we battle the constant thoughts of the conscious mind,

 Unable to see the whole picture because we are blind.


 What if we crossed the wrong bridge, or took the wrong street,

 Should we prepare ourselves for lies & deceit?

 Instead of what makes our heart beat?


 Trying to look prettier everyday, but still perfect in God’s eyes,

 Inside we still burn with secrets and lies,

 Still trying to control in their heart what lives or dies,

 How do you deal with those whose mind has taken over their lives?,

 Behind the Walls of Flesh is where they hide.


 We don’t have time to let anyone else in,

 So our lives are basically pretend,

 We hold up a shield that’s made of tin.

 Some people can’t handle the struggle, so their thoughts drive them insane,

 But still strong, holding onto the pride, while showing no pain.


 Then what happens to the one’s who are weak, and can’t stand alone without pride?

 Will they just disintegrate & die,

 Will the secrets and pain eat them alive?

 Our soul is eating it’s flesh from within, trying to survive,

 Wanting to escape from behind the walls of where they hide.


 The pain from our past,

 Has forced us to wear a mask,

 Deliberating the differences of the pro’s & con’s,

 The scale tips, unbalanced decisions of right or wrong,

 Those who are lost, searching for their place in this world & where they belong.


 Life isn’t just what is seen in a pretty picture,..

 But the secrets that burn from behind the walls of our flesh, and hidden deep inside,

 Body held up by the back bone of our pride.

 So why cant we break down the Walls of our Flesh & let everyone in?

 No matter their differences, no matter their sin,?


 Because as humans we are afraid of possible hurt,

 And that is no reason to treat them like dirt,

 To be the person that you were created to be,

 Take a chance to just break free,

 Convince our soul that its okay to finally breathe,


 Reach inside yourself and decide,…

‘ Inside these Walls of Flesh,


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