Horrible Hallow

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Trying to forget how your voice sounded,

It was so sly and you said it as if you were wounded,

It was three words but it left my head clouded..


Troubled and being a bit of fiasco,

I was about to ask myself again if it was true,

If that night ever did came true,

Because my brain and my heart was kind of glued

Into this madness that you are the virtuouso..


Its the saddest thing about being so in love

With someone you ought to feel the same way about you

That because maybe he so much loved you,

He will leave you, thinking you deserve better

Someone you’re praying right now for him, its her.


You know how your heart stings

when you pity over things you can’t do?

That’s how I exactly feel when I had been seeing you.

You’re near, very near, so near I can touch you

So near I could almost hear you breathing,

But as it goes, I want you to know,

I was slowly dying.


You could’ve not just said it,

‘coz it made me think that you might need me answering,

To those words you said that were confusing,

It made my head go round every evening

That even how stars were shining

I can’t see how your presence kept me blinding.


How can you possibly have that effect?

Are you some sort of doer-defect?

I don’t know anymore how to gather my strength,

Because the depth of my love for you went out-lengthed.


This story was not meant to happen,

This is what you call accident,

Eventhough I spent thousand nights of stained pillow,

Your ‘Iloveyou’ would’ve and always brought me sorrow.

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