Heaven in a Blind Girl’s Eye

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Heaven in a Blind Girl’s Eye

A little girl came and asked her mother, “Mom! Where are you going now?”

“Going to church,” the mother replied.

The girl asked again, “why do you have to go to church, mom?”

“Because we do pray to god for saving us from sin in Church so that we can go to heaven.” The mother replied.

“Mom! Why do you want to go to heaven?” The girl asked her and then added “what does heaven look like?”

The mom answered, “Heaven is a beautiful place which is filled with peace, colors & love.”

“Then can’t we try to make our house as beautiful as heaven? The girl asked with wonder.

Mom laughed & replied,” oh you silly girl! Heaven is way more beautiful & amazing than our house.”

Then the girl asked with a world of confusion, “mom! I would like to see a photo of heaven.”

The mother replied,” no one ever seen heaven.”

The girl asked with astonishment “then why do you want to go a place that you never know how it is?”



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