From Afar

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You’re a time stopper and I guess I’m a time traveler,

You’d walk pass by me and time freezes,

Everyone stops moving and you’re the only one pacing.

I can feel my heart beat running and racing

Then you just have to look at me

And boom, I died.


God must’ve been so focus when He made you,

You’re the perfect color of hue,

One that my eyes can get forever glued

I hope to never get sued

From staring and stealing glances to you

Wishing one day you’ll notice me too.


It’s that odd shimmering dark clouded Friday night,

I was gonna write my name,

Everyone just smiled and let me in,

I looked around and felt normal,

Then you came and fooled around

And you just have to make that sound.


I thought you were Gabriel,

Whom God sent for Mary

But landed on a diffrent country.

You were smiling carelessly

I was looking at you when you weren’t looking,

I can’t believe a man like you have been existing.

Where were you the whole time of my being?


Sometimes I look at you for my own fun,

Then I was looking and we became friends,

Now I’m scared.

I might be looking diffrently already

And having this kind of feeling is deadly

I hope you wont notice my being dready

The whole time that you are talking to me,


A mere stalker that I am really,

Please don’t hate me.


Because this is only…


You might be interested in …