The Secret

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“Cody!”, yelled Lesa. “What babe?”, Cody replied. “Be quiet.”, the teacher hissed. I opened the door and tried to shut it quietly, but the door shut loudly. Everyone looked at me kinda oddly. “Guys and girls. This is Olivia Wolf.”, the teacher said. I’m different then others, I have long white wavy hair, grey eyes and my skin is brown. I was born and rasied in Texas. I had just moved in Brooklyn, New York. “Olivia sit there please.”, the teacher said. “Hi, I’m Cody.”, Cody said. The bell rang for lunch time. A girl just approached me. “Hi! My name is Lesa. I’m captain of the White Wolves Cheer Team. Would you like to join?”, Lesa asked. “Yes” “Great! Lets go eat and meet the rest of the team.”, she said so gracefully. She kept staring at Cody, but Cody kept looking at me. “There’s a dance coming up. Everyone has to attend with a date.”, Selene said. “Whelp looks like I’m not going.”, I said. “Why? You’re with us now. You can find a date pretty easy.”, Selena said. Cody continued to look at me for the rest of lunch. “Can we go?”, I asked Lesa. “Where?”, She asked. “Around the school.”, I said. “Yes!”, The whole team squeaked. We all got up and dumped our tray. When we went to the hallway Cody caught up to us. “How long have you guys been dating?”, I asked. Everyone just stopped and looked at me. “What? Did I asked the wrong question?”, I asked. “Olivia, can i talk to you alone?”, Cody asked. “Sure.”, I replied. We walked away from the group. “What?”, I asked. “You don’t remember me do you?”, he asked. “Yes, I do. I don’t want to start the way we did in Texas. That’s why I’m acting like this.”, I replied. “I like you, Olivia. A lot. Will you go to the dance with me?”, Cody asked. “Y-y-yes?”, I replied. “I don’t like Lesa. She too cocky for me. When I moved with Blue Ivy, I didn’t think I’d see you again. I love you.”, Cody said. I looked down and slowly whispered, “I love you to” we started walking back to the group. 

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