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You see the moon as a hot-air balloon, so you forever live fearful of a joyride.!.

I see every blank-page as a well arranged room, well arranged rooms for you to walk in pride.!.

But like an ocean of mixed emotions, you stir the erosions which creates a landslide.!.

Since, your thoughts are like the clouds in the sky and they could be head’N anywhere, as no-one knows your intentions.!.

Whiles, your good deeds are like the rocks in an ocean, if seen, they would surely be too many to mention.!.

Reason your smile’s like a blind corner at the bottom of a steep-hill, such a beautiful & mysterious thrill.!.

Same way your time’s worth diamonds & pearls, though your wrath’s felt like a plague of impoverishment to my world.!.

Believe a teardrop from your eyes can cool the sun, or be the lava to melts Saturn’s rings.!.

Doubt every lie & fear which falls from the tongue and be ice to numb a bumblebee’s sting.!.

Never let a good dick get to your head, put flowers in your hair & thorns in your bed.!.

Always remember to forgive the good chick who lives in your head, whose dreams could have been torn had her powers been dead.!.

As you may one day bare a son woh’s fair & sits upon a throne, though not every home is still built by stone.!.

Yet, I’m upset we’re in a race to share our love like doves, like the turtle who races the boy to spread joy.!.










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