By The Way

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I’d like to think I’m the brave one

Not because I was the one who fell and stood up

But because I didn’t know how much pain it will cause me

To the point that I might lose all of me

And nothing will be left but the shadow of yesterdays I used to be.


Thank God for the words “moving on”

Thanks for Brian McNight’s screaming broken hearted songs

Thanks for Olaf for thinking Anna was worth melting for

Thanks for black coffee that was the only constant staying strong.

And thank you, for leading me on.


I wish to forget how funny that motor sounds.

How the planes at night would look like shooting stars.

How cold the cement was as your kisses were

And how familiar you became to me.


Lying everynight in bed was the hardest.

I had to think how sleepless they were

Had to redo my daily routine

That now, I never had to forget you wake up earliest in the morning.


That green shirt you wore was the only thing I saw that sunrise,

I was blinded by the sunlight,

I had then eyes for the bread

But your eyes was on me and I wonder what was on your head.


Life happened when you came,

Reality slapped when you left,

Pain comes every now and then

And torture never ends everytime there was you

That now I realized how deeply I fell in love with you.

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