Beautiful Porcelain

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Beautiful Porcelain


Her passion for truth to be revealed and cast upon mankind is with a ferocity akin to a mother grizzly toward the protection of her cubs. She yearns for this world to embrace freedom and truth as strongly as i do, and i believe this to be one of the chief reasons i am drawn so strongly to her soul. Equal fiery passion for truth.


Her motives are clear in their intention, and pure, by the highest degree.


She is the most altruistic and enchanting person I have ever met.


She taught me to point with direction, to stand strong and not waver in my beliefs, but also to be gentle as a mother with her young, tender, compassionate, for as she taught me this is not weakness but strength and soundness of character, she taught me the power my tongue possesses, the power to make a flower grow or wilt.


She is conservative, modest by nature, and does not flaunt her beauty, which in reality makes her shine all the more brightly. Compassionate to the effect that an injured animal would, at once, be scooped up in her arms and given immediate recuperations to the fullest extent. She cares for nothing greater than the proper respect, healing and liberty given to all animal life, and life in general.


She best modeled a trait i will never forget: grace.


Looking into her sapphire eyes can be likened to the infinite starry host from the summit of the grandest peak,


Upon which i could gaze for an eternity into


Now, as I often stargaze, I suppose that looking into the vast reaches of outer space has a wonderful resemblance to gazing into her eyes. The eyes of one who you hold in the highest regard of affection, and with incredulity than another being could stare back at you, defy the evil in the depths of your heart, and dare to love you with pure passion.


and that similarity seems to be the relationship of feeling utterly lost, swept away by the vastness and deepness of looking into the heavens and into her soul (for the eyes are a gateway to the soul)


and i feel in my heart a connection to her heart when i do look upwards at the heavenly bodies, a connection to life itself, truth in plain sight which cannot be denied, love in its purest form, and i feel that wherever she is she can feel my heart beating as one with hers.


Her skin like the softest hue of beautiful porcelain, and with the slightest graze of my hand to hers a million amps of electricity course violently unchecked through my veins, filling my world and all i behold with the best and brightest of colors of light and love.


There is not a single night goes by that in these past 5 years i do not lie awake and think of her sweet disposition.


O, how I long to fly as a shooting star across the night sky to be instantly by her side!


Never would I have to leave her, for I would hold her close in my arms, our hearts beat as one heart, our souls united to accomplish spreading the wonderful truth of life to the world, and other dreams of infinite imagination.


These little years whiz by with incredible speed, and i kick myself constantly for losing her. Alas, she was too perfect for me, i believe. After a time, purity can only stand to be tainted so much, and then it must cut off that which taints in order to retain its purity. If only the tables could be turned! If that which is pure could paint the tainted with purity, creating more purity, wiping away taintedness forever. There is one who can accomplish such a feat: God Himself. 


By opening one’s heart to God’s truth and light, He can change a tainted heart into a pure heart. By focusing one’s mind on the Light, all else fades away until all that can be seen all around is pure white light, and all things that are good. For every good and perfect gift comes down from the Father of Lights above.


This short physical life is not all there is…Beyond this life there is another, sweeter life, in which there will be no pain, no mistakes, no jealousy, no hate, no greed, no quarrels or strife, no reason to doubt or worry, no evil at all, only the All-Good, the All-Powerful. This joyous sweeter life will have no end. When i arrive into that blessed eternal life, I will be made perfect, and THEN I will look around for you with great and eager anticipation, my dear Keighley Charlotte Doerksen, my love.

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