What I Like About You

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Your eyes,

They get so cruel when you’re jealous.

Your smile,

It fades when you’re mad.


I hate to admit but I like it.

I like it when you’re being possessive,

Like a kid who got won over by a candy,

Like a child who’s about to cry to mommy,

Or I don’t know, you maybe

On not getting what you want.


I keep swallowing my laugh everytime I look at you,

I keep pacing so you don’t see me smiling.

I glance at you then I tell myself,

‘Now this is the man I wanna marry.

No one else. Just him. End of argument.’


I confess, I hate it when its dark.

I don’t see you.

I can’t get a glimpse of you

I wanna see your facial expression.

But all I see is my shadow reflecting on you.

Because all I see is the plain me when I’m with you.


Paparts, I can never be enough,

I might never be,

Will I ever be?

Scratch that, whatever it takes,

How long it will ask of me,

All this that I’m feeling,

Right now, I know this will be something.


I don’t make promises, you know me.

But lucky you, I do hope you know.

I try my best to do things in kitchen,

It’s really not my forté but for you its okay,

I don’t like hikes and rocks, but for you I’ll climb

I’m not this dis-oriented to anyone,

But when I’m with you,

I always get out-smarted by you.

Not that I feel dumb around you,

But I feel like its okay not to know everything

Because that is when you come along.


Making all the wrong thing seems right,

Assuring me that everything’s alright,

Insuring me of another day that I can have you

And convincing me in every little thing you do,

You love me, and that’s more than enough to make me love you.

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