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My heart once whispered your name,

To my horror, I trembled and I got tamed.

Then I heard you calling me sweetly,

Because that was my heart wants exactly.


Sometimes I fail to see why I have to get over you,

I will always see you,

I will always get reminded of you

And you will never see me still loving you

Then the water gets unclear.


Then now I see you with her,

How she cares for you,

How much you tell her you love her

and how much my heart sounds like a thin can thrown in the dark..


I often close my eyes just to check if I’m dreaming,

If I’m only having a bad dream

Maybe a squeeze will wake me,

Maybe a little slap could grind me

But this ‘maybes’ will kill me..


I’m wide awake, I can see but I’m blind,

I can hear but I choose to be deaf,

I can yell but I choose to be mute

I can walk away but all I do is get to you

I can lie that I don’t love you

But my heart will bleed and my death will be because of you.


The loudest sound that my heart made,

Was the time I thought to trade,

My future, my dreams and my goals

To be all you and all yours

I was fluttering and I never saw you withering

I was falling in love, what could I do?


Thug, thug, thug, thug.

That’s all it do.

Until you said you didn’t feel the same way I do,

I heard my heart falling into crash

That sounded exactly like a water splash.

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