To My Dearest

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                                                              To My Dearest





Just know my soul’s been insisting, so my heart beats persistence.!.

To finding that smile and that charm which would make me whole, in an instance.!.

You’ve forever been the girl of my dreams and I need all your love, with no resistance.!.

And though I have been searching this earth forever, I’ve procrastinated lots but never gave up.!.

No matter how good or bad the weather or the times have beaten me up.!.

Just knowing I would never feel this way for anyone else, keeps things looking up.!.

Still I’ve never felt as though I was living, only being preserved for the next moment.!.

And the emptiness is truly unforgiving, so I’ve hurt my partners like my opponents.!.

And the guilt was never comforting, so I’ve silently hurt from moment to moment.!.

So now that I’ve lost my sense of what hurt is, please allow me to bear our worries and pain if you would.!.

See you’re the girl I’ve been saving my heart for, so to you I’ll be as honest and truthful as I should.!.

Besides, you mean the world to me and you understand me perfecetly, though no-one else ever could.!.

So though I know your heart’s like mine, there’s no need for you to tell me, its such a shame.!.

That how badly I’ve long for your love and to give you all mine, can’t erase all the pain.!.

For this is not as the little things in life, it’s rather the sweetest, like a stormy night’s rain.!

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